Samsung Laptop Service/Repair Manuals
    name & model
Samsung G10, NP-G10, NT-G10 Monaco SM 12.96
Samsung M30, SENS M30 SM 8.64
Samsung M40, SENS M40 SM 3.88
Samsung M50, NT-M50, SENS M50 SM 15.72
Samsung NC10 Winchester SM 34.63
Samsung NC20 Brighton SM 5.55
Samsung NP300E DI 5.34
Samsung P28, SENS P28 SM 28.96
Samsung P30, SENS P30 SM 19.63
Samsung P50, NP-P50 SM 9.84
Samsung P55, NT-P55, P55 Lisbon SM 5.51
Samsung P60, SENS P60, NP-P60 SM 6.08
Samsung P460 Berlin SM 22.74
Samsung P560, SENS P560 Oxford SM 10.26
Samsung Q1 DI 9.83
Samsung Q1 Ultra DI 9.83
Samsung Q30 Plus, SENS Q30 Plus SM 9.83
Samsung Q35, NP-Q35 SM 4.80
Samsung Q40, SENS Q40 Rimini, NP-Q40 SM 8.39
Samsung Q45, Q46, NT-Q45, NT-Q46 Torino2 SM 5.36
Samsung Q45c, Q46c, NT-Q45c, NT-Q46c Torino2 SM 8.66
Samsung Q70 DI 9.83
Samsung Q210, SENS Q210, P210 Madrid SM 19.26
Samsung Q310, NT-Q310, Q310 Tianjin SM 12.97
Samsung R20, R21, NP-R20, NP-R21 SM 9.12
Samsung R25 Shanghai, NP-R25 SM 7.68
Samsung R40, R40 Plus, NT-R40, NC-R40, SENS R40 Plus SM 17.44
Samsung R50, SENS R50 firenze, NT-R50K SM 4.92
Samsung R55, SENS R55 Firenze-R SM 7.06
Samsung R60 Plus, NT-R60 Plus Praha SM 6.97
Samsung R65, NP-R65 SM 8.65
Samsung R70, NT-R70, NP-R70 Oslo SM 5.61
Samsung R509, R510 Lyon, NT-R510 SM 26.41
Samsung R519 SM 1.07
Samsung R520, R522 DI 9.83
Samsung R540 SM 13.5
Samsung R560 Oslo2, NT-R560, NP-R560 SM 17.56
Samsung R610 Istanbul, NP-R610 SM 17.71
Samsung R700 Geneva, NP-R700 SM 6.43
Samsung R710 Geneva 2, NP-R710 SM 6.26
Samsung R780 SM 13.5
Samsung X1, SENS X1 SM 12.00
Samsung X06, SENS X06 Aquila-SO SM 5.31
Samsung X11, SENS X11, NP-X11 SM 10.34
Samsung X22 Palau, NT-X22 SM 6.88
Samsung X60, SENS X60, NP-X60 SM 6.08
Samsung X65 Sydney, NP-X65 SM 6.86
Samsung X360 Samoa SM 16.43
Samsung X460 Santorini SM 9.23
*AM - Assembly Manual
*DI - Disassembly Instructions
*DD - Disassembly Description
*ED - Exploded Diagram
*EV - Exploded View
*FRU - Field Replaceable Unit Documentation
*HMM - Hardware Maintenance Manual
*MM - Maintenance Manual
*MSG - Maintenance and Service Guide
*RM - Repair Manual
*SG - Service Guide
*SM - Service Manual
*SO - Service Overview
*SRM - Service and Reference Manual
*SS - Service Source
*STG - Service and Troubleshooting Guide
*TR - Technical Reference, (Technical Guide)