Unsolicited Testimonials
February 20th, 2008

I've decided from now on to publish some of the testimonials received by 7Manuals. Today's post is collection of all testimonials from Feb 1 to Feb 20 2008.

hey great service you have — never thought i'd find this on the internet. (i need data retrieval off an old 1993 omnibook 300, so thought the manual would help).
thanks again!
20 Feb 2008

Hi Ashton,
Thanks for the M40X Manual as you say it probably the nearest to the M30X. Looks very good value for money, my grateful thanks.
P.S Some Toshiba laptops can have a real problems with the processor overheating and power connection problems, thanks for supplying the manual it is priceless in getting to find and hopefully cure the faults.
Kind regards
John P
18 Feb 2008

You should show this email to your boss, maybe he would see how patient you have been with an old hateful woman, and he would give you a raise!
Thank You And God Bless
Candy Lawson
p.s. I'm going to miss emailing you…….
15 Feb 2008

Thank you very much.
I bought a used Compaq 1800XL, and what I really need is a picture and explanation of all the buttons and lights. I will print out the file you sent.
Thank you very much.
Art DeKalb
13 Feb 2008

Hi Aston,
I forgot to say “Thank you!”. Very impressed with your service!
Thank you!
Best regards,
Thames TV
12 Feb 2008

Thank you so much. The manual was perfect.
Neva Carmichael
8 Feb 2008

Thanks Aston,
Us old folks don't always feel comfortable buying on line and when things don't go according to instructions it scares us. I got the other email.
6 Feb 2008

Thank you for your quick response… I appreciate the refund. I would like to do business with you if you have located the proper manual or fixed the link. Please inform me if you have corrected the problem. I am a technician and would like to conduct future business with you. Thank you,
Nick Burtman
Absolute Performance Technologies, Inc.
2 Feb 2008